Photo Blog 25

5 04 2009

Not a real update today but in an attempt to at least pay lip service to the idea of daily updates. So as I’m sitting here drinking a little scotch and watching a bad Chuck Norris film on TV I took a couple shots.

The first is a real simple product shot of the tipple of choice (Chieftan’s Dailuaine 11yo) but the facl point is the losts on the bottle which means that the rest of it is unnecessarily out of focus. I do like the way the edge of the table is blurred beyond recognition though.

Chieftain's Dailuaine (f1.8 1/13 50mm)

Chieftain's Dailuaine (f1.8 1/13 50mm)

The second shot is more experimental as I opened it up real wide and then went for a walk in front of the camera. As such it looks like a ghost is visiting my kitchen.

Whisky Ghosts (f18 6.0s 50mm)

Whisky Ghosts (f18 6.0s 50mm)




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