Photo Blog 24

4 04 2009

Short update today as I’m about to head out again :-) Just got back from the combined portion of Ann & Jeff’s hen’s night /stag do and I happened to take my camera. Unfortunately I took the camera to take photos along the way so had my 50mm prime lens on there which was hardly the best for a close up group atmosphere. Still got some good photos and some quite cool portraits. The first one is one of those where I caught Tony & Roko at the bar talking. I really like the vibrancy the colours in the background give to the image but the way the blur makes it not too distracting. It certainly complements the white of the shirts. The natural expressions and relaxed atmosphere also show why I like taking candid shots!

At the bar (f4.0 1/400 50mm)

At the bar (f4.0 1/400 50mm)

While you would have thought all those photos of people inside dancing would have given me lots to work with, by far my favourite from the day was when I popped off round the corner and played with spot-metering a bit like I read in a magazine. There was this awesome golden light as it approached sunset and so I tried to capture the trees, boats and a random couple as a silhouette against the colourful background. It turned out *way* better than I expected and here it is:

Viaduct Sunset (f8.0 1/4000 50mm)

Viaduct Sunset (f8.0 1/4000 50mm)

PS: I haven’t warmed it up any…

Edit: Seems that Firefox doesn’t obey colour profiles so while the above sunset shot was much more golden in the Adobe Color Profile that I made it in. I can’t find the best one that works when the profile is removed but converting to Generic seems to be the closest. So here it is in Generic but trust me, it looks way better in the original:

Viaduct Sunset 2

Viaduct Sunset 2 (f8.0 1/4000 50mm)

If you want to see it properly I suggest downloading the first one and opening it in Photoshop or something else that observes the profiles




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