Photo Blog 23

3 04 2009

Today’s images come from a short stroll around the uni on the way home from work (and finally getting a haircut). I have to admit I really do like living in the area I do where there are so many parks and interesting things within 5 minutes. Sometimes it is easy to forget things like this and I often get annoyed at myself for spending so much time inside.

The photos I have aren’t anything spectacular but I’ll post them anyway :-)
The first is on the way up Princes St looking through to Albert Park. I liked the way the people were almost imprisoned behind this fence and tried to capture them between the gaps. This one didn’t turn out too bad although in the end it looks more like I’m a voyeur. I desaturated the image a bit more because I thought it looked a bit better when it was a bit flatter.

Albert Park fence (f4.0 1/320 105mm)

Albert Park fence (f4.0 1/320 105mm)

The second image is a standard one of the clocktower from the lawn outside the commerce building. Not really much to say really. It looks kind of ok but isn’t anything spectacular…

Clocktower (f4.0 1/1000 58mm)

Clocktower (f4.0 1/1000 58mm)




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