Photo Blog 22

2 04 2009

Today’s photos come from a refueling trip to Foodtown. I took the 50mm lens because it was reasonably dark and because it is a hell of a lot lighter.

First pic is a portrait of Victor at the traffic lights. Why at the traffic lights you may ask? Because we have to cross at the traffic lights because he is afraid of cars. An understandable phobia I guess ;-). I quite liked the way the background lights were getting blurred and I managed to take one shot which was quite nice before he turned and noticed. The image is also desaturated because that is the way he likes it!

Victor must use the lights (f1.8 1/25)

Victor must use the lights (f1.8 1/25)

It is a little unsharp because of camera shake and a little noisy because I had to use ISO 800. Two factors that kind of can’t be fixed because sharpening makes it noisier and denoising it makes it blurry!

The second image is of the Railway Campus and I really liked the way the darkened blue sky contrasted with the off-yellow bricks. I also tried to play with the composition by cutting the image diagonally… not sure if that works that well but it is quite dramatic.

Railway Campus (f1.8 1/15)

Railway Campus (f1.8 1/15)

It hasn’t been oversaturated but as I said, really like the color contrast!




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