Photo Blog 21

1 04 2009

To explain yesterday’s absence there was Scotch. And lots of it. And good stuff too! It was one of the Village Winery’s tastings and so we learnt about and sampled 6 different varieties and ended up buying a bottle of Cheiftans Dailuaine (Tokay Finish) 11 year old. Very nice ;-)

And to be honest today’s posting was going to be just a photo of our new product that we’ve been hush hush about for the past year and that finally goes live at 10am Central European Time on April 1 (great choice of date) but that would have been a little poor and on the way home from work the lighting was awesome so I took a few shots.

The first one is the reason I stopped and is of St Patrick’s Cathedral on Wyndham St. I really liked the way the shadows contrasted with the yellow/white stone and while the image I chose doesn’t reflect it the texture of the stone was making tiny shadows making it look pock-marked. Instead I chose this image because of the sky and the way the perspective made the church look bigger than it really is…

St Patrick's (f4.0 1/800)

St Patrick's (f4.0 1/800)

But the second image is really really cool. I turned around and the view of the skytower through the buildings (which is normally pretty cool) looked absolutely amazing with the interreflections of the buildings making the direction of the sun look confused. This combined with the way the sky transitions from dark rain-cloud grey into bright blue made the scene seem surreal. I think I might even print this one…

Skytower lighting (f4.0 1/800)

Skytower lighting (f4.0 1/800)

I would like to play with the exposure more though and in particular to accentuate the differences in the lighting. But not enough time to do that before dinner ;-)

PS: The second image is NOT HDR or played with in anyway except RAW->JPG conversion… that is how my camera saw it




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