Photo Blog 20

30 03 2009

I’m still surprised I made it this far. More than 3 weeks (if including off days) and I’m still trying :-)

BIG walk this evening with Victor where we went up to Newton then Newmarket and Parnell. I’d noticed last night that the view from Grafton bridge was pretty spectacular and so we stopped off there. Was earlier than would be best but because the sun was behind a cloud there was still some very cool light even if not as dramatic as the evening previous. Even though I didn’t have a tripod I tried to stabalize the camera on the railing and get an auto-exposure bracketed image to play with in Photoshop.

Wasn’t perfect but the result was still pretty cool so that is the first image for today:

Grafton Bridge (f4.0 1/4000 1/1000 1/250)

Grafton Bridge (f4.0 1/4000 1/1000 1/250)

We continued the walk and the only other image that was kind of cool was one of the Jubilee Building in Parnell. Apart from the car on the right of the image that I was trying to wait for (but another was about to pull in) the image isn’t too bad. Hopefully it isn’t over sharpened too much. There was a bit of camera shake and general bluriness that the sharpening helped control and I do really like how it brought out the brickwork.

Jubilee Building (f4.0 4/5)

Jubilee Building (f4.0 4/5)




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