Photo Blog 19

29 03 2009

Beautiful day today so I walked around town a bit and took a few snaps along the way. For some reason there seemed to be way more people than is usual for a Sunday afternoon and everyone seemed quite relaxed. Made me realize exactly how isolated I am most of the time and I really do need to try to integrate more.

I also need to start taking photos of people more often because we really are an interesting subject. Perhaps it might even make me more interested and compassionate (instead of my generally dismissive self)

The first pic was taken in Aotea Square where I was sitting against the fence and watching this group of ladies relaxing beneath a tree. I think there had been a matinee performance at the Civic because there were several groups like this that were dressed up more than what would be normal for a stroll on Queen St. The composition could be better but I liked the way they were grouped under the tree and spread out just enough that they could still enjoy the shade…

Aotea Square (f4.0 1/400)

Aotea Square (f4.0 1/400)

The second image was taken at the other end of Queen St opposite the Ferry Building. I really liked the contrast in the shadows around the windows and columns and the stark difference between the directly illuminated and shaded sides of the building. I also like blue.

Ferry Building (f4.0 1/800)

Ferry Building (f4.0 1/800)




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