Photo Blog 16

26 03 2009

The problem with walking in the domain is that there are just so many interesting things that you come back with more photos than you know what to do with and quite a few that would be good enough to post here. I guess that is the thing with going out everyday and not just poaching from previous expeditions ;-)

Well, if you didn’t guess today was a walk through the domain after work, suggested by Victor for which I thank him! Took 78 photos of which I chose 5 that were good enough to do all the post-processing on but I’ll only be posting 2. The first is like, wow, one that I am really proud of. I guess if you press the shutter button enough times then you end up with some good ones. I was experimenting with partially obscuring the setting sun behind objects and getting some flare and on the way up to the domain I got the following shot:

Domain Foliage (f4.0 1/100)

Domain Foliage (f4.0 1/100)

What I really like is that by compensating for the over-exposure when shooting and shooting RAW I was able to retain a lot of the detail in the undergrowth. I think that this means the photo has an almost other-worldly atmosphere to it that could be in the middle of the forest rather than a city. The lens really produces nice flares too, such that they can be used constructively instead of detracting from the scene…

The second photo is another silhouette like in the previous post. This one was taken coming down Parnell Rise and is quite a striking and recognizable skyline. I really liked the colours of the sunset behind the buildings and while the photo didn’t quite capture them I still really like the gradient in the sky. I also quite like the fact that it isn’t strictly a silhouette and there is still some reflections off the windows of some of the buildings not perpendicular to my view.

Skyline from Parnell (f4.0 1/80)

Skyline from Parnell (f4.0 1/80)




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