Photo Blog 15

24 03 2009

Today’s photos came about after taking a walk around Victoria St. Well, to be honest it came about because at lunch we went via the post office and I saw the construction site on the corner of Victoria and Hardinge St so I went back with my camera after work.

I liked the cranes and the silhouettes they made against the sky so tried to capture that. I didn’t really do it properly and there was still too much light / lit surfaces for proper silhouettes.
The first image is the one that looked most like a silhouettes, a fact I made much more dramatic by reducing exposure in the darker areas (filling the blacks). This was taken from the roof of the carpark building on Nelson St which is why it seems I’m looking straight at the cranes instead of up.

Crane Silhouettes (f4.0 1/4000)

Crane Silhouettes (f4.0 1/4000)

The second image was taken from ground level much closer in. Here I’ve gone for the interesting lighting instead of the silhouettes as the building behind me was reflecting the light back onto the fence. The colour of the sky was already quite dramatic as it was taken perpendicular to the sun with the sun lower in the sky. I’ve tried to make it a little more interesting by warming up the image past what the real white balance would suggest. It looks good to my stupid colour blind eyes anyway ;-)

Warm Cranes (f4.0 1/2000)

Warm Cranes (f4.0 1/2000)




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