Photo Blog 12

21 03 2009

Another photo walk downtown with Victor & Lauren. Only annoying thing is that the camera was still on ISO 800 from last night and I forgot to check it so the photos are unnecessarily grainy although my new found knowledge of the Unsharp Mask in Photoshop helped to regain some of the lost contrast…

The first image is of Freyburg square and was aimed at capturing the geometry of the fountain as it rises in steps. I didn’t really spend much time lining it up as we were just passing through which is why the seat isn’t parallel (which I’d have liked it to be) but at least it looks a little more organic this way. I also like the detail on the bricks and it was this that I aimed for when sharpening…

The kid playing is kind of a human touch too…

Freyburg Fountain

Freyburg Fountain

The second image that I chose came much later as we were walking down Queen St. There are these two curved blue buildings (BNZ perhaps?) that reflect each other while leaving a small gap between. Given that it is the geometry of the relationship that interested me I figured it was a good companion photo to the other. I sharpened this image a little too but to be honest it didn’t really need it and instead it would benefit more from being captured again at a lower ISO…

Big Blue Buildings

Big Blue Buildings




One response

21 03 2009

I like the fountain shot! I like the faint “Be True” inscription on the fountain. and I agree that the child looking in the water is quite cool! If you wanted things straighter you could use PS to align the fountain steps with the parallel gridlines in your workspace – that might work, but I’m not sure what it would do to the seat. Probably wreck it.

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