Photo Blog 11

20 03 2009

Another nice walk just after dusk this evening…

Last night when going down the pub I noticed that there were a lot of nice lighting opportunities around Kitchner and Bowen Streets. So this evening Victor, Lauren and I went for a short walk and I took a few snaps. Most of them didn’t turn out so great and by far the biggest problem is the trade off between ISO noise and camera shake from a long(er) exposure time. I really need to take a tripod but I think that would really slow down the whole ‘walk’ aspect of the outings.

The first one is of the ‘Northern Club’ on the corner of Princes and Kitchner. They have some really nice lighitng on the ivy convered walls that contrasts with the harsher street lighting. It would be especially good after the rain. And with a tripod with a smaller aperture.

The cars in the foreground look good and provide movement to the scene although it would be nicer if they were more indistinct. I also like the nice blue and green saturation which makes the image interesting without being busy. The flare of the street light that makes it look like a stereotypical star…

Northern Club

Northern Club

The second image is from just down the street in the park. I like the framing with the darker trees in the foreground circling into the lit Metropolis building in the background. The theme of blue and green continues in this image too.

Park & Metropolis

Park & Metropolis




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