Photo Blog 10

19 03 2009

Didn’t get home till after midnight last night so it would have been a little hard to get a shot in. But luckily (sic) the fire alarm went off at 3 am and we were all roused from our beds and forced downstairs. Seriously… I don’t know who keeps setting it off but I wish they would leave and go annoy some other building…

Anyway, I took my camera and took a few shots outside. Absolute worst conditions possible on a dark night with flashing lights and people milling about so I had to use ISO 1600 (which my camera is not good at) and even then using shutter speeds between 1/6 and 0.6 seconds long hand held (which I’m not good at ;-))

So the shot of the night:

Sleepy / Drunk Victor

Sleepy / Drunk Victor

Victor had been drinking heavily too and really wasn’t looking forward to the elevator back up to the apartment. Oh the dangers of half priced drinks!




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