Photo Blog 9

18 03 2009

Went for a walk with Victor to find some shots for today’s update and the lights in Albert Park and the University ended up the subject for today.

The two pictures I’ve chosen I chose because the back lighting creates interesting patterns and shadows. The lighting is very warm which I’ve retained although I did boost the contrast a bit in both images.

The first one is of a planter on the university grounds on the north side of the clocktower building. I really like the way the backlighting makes the fern an interesting sillhouette and the regular pattern of the bricks contrasts with the organic patterns of the plants. The toning is quite cool too with just the orange and black meaning the shapes and shadows are more noticeable.

Clocktower planter

Clocktower planter

The second image is taken in Albert Park near the rotunda. One of the path lights is up under the tree canopy so the light from the lamp creates interesting patterns and highlights on the tree branches. The bloom around the lamp also makes it look quite magical and there is an attempt at framing with the bush in the bottom right. There is more colour in this image which means you can see the detail in the branches but it is still far more about the lighting…

Albert Park Lamp

Albert Park Lamp




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