Photo Blog 6

15 03 2009

So it has been a couple of days but I assure you it isn’t from lack of taking photos as yesterday saw a total in excess of 800 shots. While I imagine that I’ll use a few of them this week as I slowly sort through them all I decided to post one to start…

The reason for the number of shots was that yesterday saw the marriage of two good friends: Robert and Tamara. I feel sorry for those who don’t know these two because there are few people more special in the world. They are both so kind and generous and yet so different and complementary to each other. From Tamara’s boisterous nature that never runs out of energy to Robert’s quiet confidence and stoicism I feel blessed to know them.

So there were a lot of good photos but the one I chose first was chosen for a reason; it isn’t the sharpest or the one with the best focus or composition. But there is one thing it has that most of the world seems to be missing: JOY

Robert & Tamara

Robert & Tamara

So congratulations Rob & Tamara and best wishes for your life together as you continue into the future!




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