Photo Blog 5

12 03 2009

Man… it is already getting hard to find something everyday to play with. And harder still to write stuff about it.

Had the camera at work again and was playing around with it after lunch. Tried doing one of those zoom shots (where you zoom while taking the shot). It quickly became obvious that it was a very hit and miss approach that would work better when your central subject was further away (and therefore would change size less when zooming).

There was one good one of Pene but she had her hands covering her face so the next best is Nick visiting us from Support.

Zooming in

Zooming in

As you can see it is pretty hard to get any sharpness even on the central subject and it is really important to center the image (which I didn’t really do). But definitely something to try again :-)




One response

13 03 2009

You could try playing with composition and tone – How about choosing a random adjective everday and taking a photo based on that theme? Here’s one to start you off: “Crepuscular”

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