Photo Blog 4

11 03 2009

Played with the camera at the office after work today while James was mucking around on the gee-tar. Some of the shots were looking reasonably interesting so I decided to take a couple more on RAW mode so that I could play with them more afterwards.

The original image was ok but didn’t really feel vibrant and while I felt the composition was good the colours just didn’t work and there was nothing making the subject jump out.

James on the guitar (before)

James on the guitar (before)

Because the camera has a 14bit sensor there is 64 times the depth of a normal 8 bit image. This means I could play with the curves a little to darken the shadows and bring out ligher areas more. By reducing sharpness slightly it makes the background less pronounced and changing the saturation makes it look more vibrant.

The outcome of all this looks pretty good (I think) so here goes:

James on the guitar (after)

James on the guitar (after)




2 responses

12 03 2009

Is this a normal day at the Serato offices? Guitar’s a bit low-tech isn’t it?

12 03 2009

Pretty much… can’t always be high-tech prototypes :-)

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