Photo Blog 3

10 03 2009

I’m almost ready to downgrade iPhoto. 09 seems to be utter shite and locks up my computer for 2 minutes every time I open it. I doubt it has to do with my new partitioning scheme but 06 could handle all my photos without a hitch.

Anyway: I wasn’t going to post anything today as I really didn’t feel like it but it rained this evening so I decided to take a walk with the camera and see what I could see.

Today’s photo is a little strange in that the white balance is wrong and the focus is on the very near foreground (which at f1.8 makes pretty much everything out of focus).

But I liked the effect and the photos I took that were in focus and with the right WB didn’t look nearly as good so I’m going to put it down to artistic license. I know it is nothing like it but I almost get the sense of a tilt-shift shot where things look like they are in miniature.

The off colour also makes it look like it is lit with sodium lights which I consider quite romantic and a lot nicer than our normal stark street lighting.

The street in the rain

The street in the rain

PS:I might try this again with a tripod next time it rains…




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