Photo Blog: The beginning

8 03 2009

Obviously I’ve failed to put any of my graphics thoughts/discoveries to paper, mainly due to laziness and the fact they happen at work. So I’ve decided to use it as a photo blog as well. Based on the suggestion of another blog entry regarding how to become better at photography ( I’ll aim to post photos 5 times a week. Hopefully they’ll have been taken that same day or very recently but as I also need to learn a few photoshop skills I might revist some of the photos I took last year :-)

So the first photo is from Rob’s stag do yesterday. We went paintballing and I sat a couple of the rounds out and played photographer instead. I can say it is …ah…interesting to take photos through steamed up goggles when you can’t see through the viewfinder. Of the ~320 shots there were lots of clear static shots which are cool but don’t really convey anything. So the one below is of Craig sprinting around an obstacle. While not completely in focus it shows the motion quite well and has at least some form of composition which is why I chose it.

Craig sprinting for the enemy

Craig sprinting for the enemy




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