17 09 2008

After talking with friends and faced with the fact that I often am faced with interesting problems in the course of my work I’ve decided to start this thing off!

So what do I do? I work for a company called Serato creating live performance audio/video applications. In particular a product called ‘Video-SL. This means I do a lot of cross-platform 3D graphics and image processing in a way that is often not covered by traditional games or CAD applications but has to be very real-time and very, very stable. This is all using OpenGL/C++ but I also dabble in Quartz Composer & Processing so I imagine these will feature at various times as well. Who knows, perhaps even some of my old biomed visualization stuff from uni that I am finishing up with.

PS: The one mate in particular who has influenced this decision would be Antony Stubbs and you can find his stuff here: http://stubbisms.wordpress.com/